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A divorce record is an important document that serves as evidence that a particular marriage has ended. It is also a vital paper that one needs to present in order to legally get married again. For those who are residing in the state of California, there are various methods you can use in order to Divorce Records Mendocino County recover certain details about a particular dissolution of marriage. Those who are connected to the worldwide web can make use of the various online service providers in search of the Mendocino Mendocino County Divorce Records county divorce records.

If you only need to verify the existence of a particular divorce, you can communicate with the California Department of Public Health. You will be directed to its Vital Records Office from where you can make your request. It is worthy to note that such agency is not capable in issuing certified copies of divorce records. Instead, requesting parties are only given a Certificate of Record for marital break-ups that came about from the year 1962 up to 1984. Such certificate is definitely not to be regarded as a certified copy of a divorce file. You will have to prepare the amount of $13.00 for the search cost and if you prefer to submit your request via facsimile, then you will have to pay an additional $7.00. If you wish to have the requested document delivered to your address, then you have to make certain that you are able to provide your contact information and complete mailing address.

A certified copy of a divorce decree is only available at the Office of the Superior Court of the specific county where the divorce was approved. You must also be aware that authorized duplicates are restricted in such a way that the same can only be issued to the parties to the divorce event and to certain persons and entities as sanctioned by laws. You can check online for the list of local offices and their exact location for your reference. You can find out as well if your local agency does have its own online facility so you can do your queries via the Internet.

If you are qualified to grab a copy of a particular divorce file, then you must accomplish the appropriate request form. Such application sheet is downloadable from the worldwide web. However, you must also complete the sworn statement and affix your signature in the said paper. If you want to apply via mail, then the sworn statement must be notarized. Otherwise, your demand might be rejected and you will not get any refund for the payment you made.

The Mendocino County marriage records can also be retrieved from the Vital Records Bureau and from the County Recorder?s Office. But if you desire to get instant results, you can conduct basic investigation via the worldwide web for free. You can browse the online features of the aforementioned agencies so you do not need to make some trips on different locations. All you need to make available are the precise details of the record you are searching for. In just a few second, you are able to get valuable facts about the record you need.

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